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Chingate (fuck) Imposter Syndrome Mug

Chingate (fuck) Imposter Syndrome Mug

  • High gloss + Premium white finish
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • 11 oz Ceramic Mug
Solo 1 disponible(s)
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    If you purchase multiple items, like a mug and a tote bag, they will ship separately. Tote bags and T-shirts are sent via drop-shipping, mugs, stickers and jewelry are shipped seperately.

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  • Design Inspiration

    Chingate(fuck) Imposter Syndrome, we all have it for one reason or another. You may fall under one of these categories: 1st Generation, child of immigrants, a woman of color, a person of color, and the list can go on. BUT if you are like me, you've fought your own thoughts and made things happen. Despite this, it always creeps up on us, so let's just say "Chingate Imposter Syndrome", because some privileged folks don't even know this is an issue we deal with. You can do anything you want! If this businessman was able to be the President of the U.S., we sure as heck can do anything; I am still way more qualified than him.

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