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Destruye El Patriarchy Sticker

Destruye El Patriarchy Sticker

  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Weatherproof
  • UV-coated
  • Gloss scratch resistant finish
  • Shipping Information

    If you purchase multiple items, like a mug and a tote bag, they will ship separately. Tote bags and T-shirts are sent via drop-shipping, mugs, stickers and jewelry are shipped seperately.

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  • Design Inspiration

    Destroy the Patriarchy/Destruye El Patriachy, while it may not sound directly connected to mental health, the patriarchy as it works, lingers in the established systems of power and thought, that many of us do not think about on a daily basis. The patriarchy does not just impact women, but typically is exacerbated in low-income communities of color. The patriarchy perpetuates toxic masculinity, a.k.a 'Machismo', sexual assault, sexual aggression, substance abuse, negative mental health, domestic violence, and negative parenting techniques and expectations. So get your 'Destruye El Patriarchy' mug and fight on everyday.

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