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Serotonin Molecule Bracelet

Serotonin Molecule Bracelet

  • Gold Plated over Stainless Steel
  • Closure: Hook Ships in a pink Educated Chola jewelry box.
  • Care Instructions: Keep away from moisture and try to not wear in the shower.
  • Shipping Information

    If you purchase multiple items, like a mug and a tote bag, they will ship separately. Tote bags and T-shirts are sent via drop-shipping, mugs, stickers and jewelry are shipped seperately.

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  • Design Inspiration

    Serotonin = the happy molecule. 'Serotonin impacts every part of your body, from your emotions to your motor skills,' for our particular idea here, it's to keep our mood in check. I created this bracelet, so that I could always have a little serotonin with me wherever I go, even if it technically involves you not getting a lot of it, well you might the moment you purchase it, but I definitely would be happy just looking down at my bracelet, when my serotonin levels are low and feeling in a funk. I know that for me, this is my problem, my serotonin is not always in check. I'm in a constant state of balancing. At least now I can do it with a cute bracelet. Bracelet is gold-plated over stainless steel.
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