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Zen Out:
Holistic Remedies

Just some little natural ways to destress…

Some may call this 'Brujeria’, I call it, ‘what helps me chill the fuck out without medication.’ In a sense this is a form of medication but taking the holistic side of things with handcrafted candles, crystals, CBD/herbal tinctures, herbal remedies, rolls, balms and ointments. If any of these call you, please go check out: Yais Naturals on her website where she has information on ordering/farmer’s market events/upcoming pop-ups. Follow her at: IG yais.naturals_ Ooak Life check out her website for vegan soaps, salves & skin goods, natural, plant-based -Skincare is Self-care Follow her at: IG Clarity Jungle check out her website for all your healing essentials in one place; bathsalts, crystals, burners, smudges, accessories and more. Follow her at: IG Clarity Jungle

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