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My Supplemental Arsenal
Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins/Supplements I take most days to help me manage my stress, anxiety, depression or whatever that day has brought to me. I don’t always take every single one, but for the most part I prefer to if I remember.

Ashwagandha: Never have I ever taken a supplement and actually felt relief…I recommend this to everyone, and now my amigas and sister’s take this in order to help them manage their daily stresses and anxiety. It is plant used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, may help your body deal with mental and physical stressors, like anxiety and inflammation. For more information follow this link.

Shop Ashwagandha: (These are two on the brands that I take, and I think work best).

Youth Theory

Physicians Choice

Adaptogens/aka mostly Mushrooms: Research shows adaptogens can combat fatigue, enhance mental performance, ease depression and anxiety, and help you thrive rather than just muddle through. So whether you're training for a marathon, enduring a marathon study session, or even just sprinting through a stressful midday meeting, adaptogens may be key. For more information follow this link.

Shop Adaptogens:

Goldmine Adaptogens (This is the brand I use, but have heard great things about Wild Cocotropic). Use code: EDUCATEDCHOLA5 and get $5 off your purchase at

Wild Cocotropic Nootropic Superfood Powder - Raw Cacao with Reishi Mushroom Powder, Chaga Extract, Raw Maca and Turmeric

Four Sigmatic

Vitamin D: Low levels of vitamin D are correlated to depression. Having experienced this, I am a full believer of it and soak it up when I go outside for walks in the sun. BUT make sure to take a supplement if you apply sunblock. Sunblock can deter your vitamin D absorption, so apply sunblock but take a supplement for all the benefits. For more information follow this link.

Shop Vitamin D:

Trader Joe’s Vitamin D

Kirkland Signature

Omega: Omega-3 supplements may help treat depression in certain populations, but more research is needed. For more information follow this link.

Shop Omega-3: (This is my favorite OMEGA-3 brand, it truly is burpless, which is really nasty but important to not have).

Nordic Naturals Omega-3

Magnesium: Magnesium deficiency is common among people with depression, and research shows that supplementing with it may reduce depressive symptoms. For more information follow this link.

Shop Magnesium:

Natural Vitality Calm #1 Selling Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink Mix Powder

Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium by Nature’s Bounty

Probiotics: Probiotics are a promising potential treatment for depression and other mental health conditions. But more research is needed to fully understand how effective they are. For more information follow this link.

Shop Probitics:

Nature’s Way Fortify

Garden of Life Probiotic Supplement Capsules for Women

Zinc: Zinc is essential to brain function, and a deficiency in this nutrient may increase the risk of depression. What’s more, supplementing with zinc may reduce depressive symptoms when used alongside antidepressant medications. In addition to, Zinc is beneficial in preventing illness, as many with high levels of stress are more susceptible to recurring ailments. For more information follow this link.

Shop Zinc:

Nature's Bounty Zinc

Trader Joe’s Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc

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