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Pendeja Con Razón Sticker

Pendeja Con Razón Sticker

  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Weatherproof
  • UV-coated
  • Gloss scratch resistant finish
  • Shipping Information

    If you purchase multiple items, like a mug and a tote bag, they will ship separately. Tote bags and T-shirts are sent via drop-shipping, mugs, stickers and jewelry are shipped seperately.

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  • Design Inspiration

    If you're an Educated Chola, you probably have implemented this mindset of 'Pendeja Con Razón'. For when a condescending supervisor speaks to you, a mansplainer explains, or an employer doesn't understand the need to pay you your worth, or just simply to get shit done in scenarios like this - you've implemented the 'Pendeja Con Razón' ideology. Sometimes we have to act a little dumb, a little clueless, as we play this game of manipulation in our society, so I will be a pendeja with a purpose to get what I want accomplished. #makejefamoves

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